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Medication can help All about depression your mood swings under control. Oftentimes, people become depressed for no apparent reason. This helps the parts of your brain that control your mood work better. This requires a lot of effort and hard work for most people, but it can be done.

The drugs should be continued as prescribed by the doctor, even after symptoms have improved, to prevent relapse.

Mood disorder due to a general medical condition: A person who has bipolar disorder has a condition in which they alternate between depression and feelings of mania, which are periods of excessive and extreme highs.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder ; a severe form of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome that is diagnosed when a woman experiences severe symptoms of depression, tension, and irritability in the week prior to menstruation.

This is a disorder whose onset of symptoms is related to the use of or withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, or other medications. For a person to receive a depression diagnosis, they must experience related symptoms for two or more weeks. It is a disorder that affects both men and women, however, women who are bipolar often experience depression more frequently than the mania.

Those with less successful coping strategies, or previous life trauma are more suceptible. Symptoms of Mania People who experience symptoms of mania often undergo extreme elation and periods of excessive energy.

Major Depression You may hear your doctor call this "major depressive disorder. Exercise and other therapies Aerobic exercise may help against mild depression since it raises endorphin levels and stimulates the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is related to mood.

Depression is also a feature of Bipolar Disorder. Some of the most common Depressive Disorders include: The FDA has approved three medicines to treat the depressed phase: They often experience feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or helplessness.


Unipolar depression can involve anxiety and other symptoms - but no manic episodes. A medical diagnosis must be made in order for a diagnosis of a mood disorder due to a general medical condition can be made.

While a general practitioner or family doctor may be able to make an initial diagnosis, further followup and treatment should be done by a specialist for the best treatment results. Get additional Information on depression at Psych Central.

These include bereavement, divorce, work issues, relationships with friends and family, financial problems, medical concerns, or acute stress. It can affect anyone at any point in their life, including children and adolescents although in teens and children, it can sometimes be seen more as irritability than a sad mood.

For some people, a number of factors seem to be involved, while for others a single factor can cause the illness. Some other symptoms you might have are: Highs can manifest as feelings of grandeur and potentially dangerous delusions. It occurs equally in men and women, however, women often have more depressive episodes.

Commonly, this occurs during the fall or winter months, however, there are some people who are affected during the spring and early summer seasons. It hinders their ability to sleep and eat and it imparts a negative outlook that affects their ability to work and function in general.Clinical depression goes by many names, such as “the blues,” biological depression, and major depression.

But all of these names refer to the same thing: feeling sad and depressed for weeks or. Depression When dealing with depression, it's important to remember you are not alone.

What is depression and what can I do about it?

Read on to find more about depression causes, symptoms, treatments, and more. This section will discuss historical understandings of depression, current biological, psychological, and social interpretations, and a range of available treatments.

Use the sidebar to explore all of these topics. WebMD explains various types of depression and their treatments. Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among people ages Major depression is characterized by at least five of the diagnostic symptoms of which at least one of the symptoms is either an overwhelming feeling of sadness or a.

Depression Among Women: Depression is a serious condition that strongly affects women. On this CDC page, readers can read about symptoms, including symptoms of postpartum depression, risk factors, treatment, and how it affects fathers.

All about depression
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