An experiment to explore the different modes of stretching metal

Most people assume that heat — especially moist heat — is a significant stretching aid. These methods were not precise, but they were certainly good enough for my needs. The diagram is a side view of the slinky, wood block and model building. This model is a good demonstration of what happens when a seismic wave in the Earth reaches the surface and causes vibrations that are transmitted to houses and other buildings.

Adding insult to injury, there were no especially good days to compensate for these stinkers. Now, make the person at the end of the line bend forward at the waist — a transverse or shear disturbance. Even if my flexibility increases had been somewhat larger and more lasting, the bang for buck would have been poor.

The hamstrings are probably the most stretched of all muscles. All other muscle groups are either quite a bit smaller, less convenient, or both.

None lasted for more than a few minutes. The person with the stopwatch should start the stopwatch when the stick strikes the can and stop it when the sound generated by the stick hitting the can is heard.

Stretching copper wire (qualitative)

When a few coils have been compressed, release them suddenly holding on to the end coil of the slinky and a compressional wave disturbance will propagate along the slinky. In the wild, runners and other casual athletes rarely stretch a muscle for more than a 20 seconds.

Compressional P wave propagation in a slinky. The propagation of the P wave by the slinky is illustrated in Figure The difference in travel time will be very noticeable.

Two minutes of stretching the right hamstrings. This demonstration involves a class or group in simulating seismic wave propagation in solids and liquids. Two minutes is a surprisingly long time! The disturbance does not propagate to the next person because the liquid does not support the shearing motion.

All attempts to sustain the flexibility I obtained during sessions failed. Now when a source is created at the wood block, one can see that the waves take different amounts of time to travel the different distances to the ends of the various slinkys.

I wanted to see if a serious stretching habit could extend those benefits beyond the ritual, and reduce my overall load of stiffness and discomfort in this region.

Also, attach an additional slinky, using plastic electrical tape, to the end of one of the slinkys. After the coil has been displaced about 10 cm or so, release it suddenly similar to the sudden slip along a fault plane in the elastic rebound process and an S wave disturbance will propagate along the slinky away from the source.

Wave Propagation in All Directions: To demonstrate the property of anelasticity, a model with two slinkys can be constructed. I did experiment with that on at least three occasions, extending a single stretch to a whopping six minutes.

The teacher starts the S wave motion in this case propagating from right to left in the line by causing the first person in the line to bend forward at the waist and then stand up straight.

I was either making the usual barely measurable headway, or I was having a rough time of it. Particles of any material cannot be pushed closer and closer together into a tiny high density dot, because at close distances they repel each other.

Why did I do this again? Mind powers, for instance.Last Revised on September 21, Grade: EXPERIMENT 11 Velocity of Waves 1. Pre-Laboratory Work [2 pts] 1.) What is the longest wavelength at which a sound wave will be resonant in a pipe of standing wave modes in a stretched string.

Procedure 1.) Start with the bridges 60 cm apart. Use any of the included strings and hang a mass. A series of experiments that exposes students to acetylacetone, a common ligand that The geometries and infrared spectra of the trivalent metal trisacetylacetonate and near-infrared spectra of acetylacetone, acetylacetone-d 8, and hexafluoroacetylacetone are characterized from experiment and computations at different levels.

In the. A Stretching Experiment for instance: I might have gotten completely different results in my 20s.5 Cirque du Soleil will have to put me on their payroll before I ever make a habit of stretching that much.

In my first experiment.

Bonding and Vibrational Properties of CO-adsorbed Copper the internal CO bond stretching mode and other adsorbate-weighted modes confirms the the forces on all the atoms for many different configurations, it is possible to determine the matrix K by fitting the data to Eq.

With several regular metal slinkys, and the modified slinky demonstrations described in this teaching guide, one can involve an entire class in observation of the demonstrations and experimenting with the slinkys in small groups.

Because this experiment produces a very different stretching versus added mass curve, as compared to the regular. The Metal-Arene Complex essaysThe point and purpose of this experiment is to explore the different modes of stretching that are allowed by a metal with a three-carbonyl ligand system.

A Stretching Experiment

The ligand that we are going to study is an arene, which allows for it to have different properties as opposed to.

An experiment to explore the different modes of stretching metal
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