Bobak ferdowsi a man successful in the nasa business

August 6, The third element of the Nasa Mohawk Guy meme that contributes to its popularity is that it provides a framework for cultural commentary and content creation.

Within hours, he was a trending topic on Tumblr and became a trending hashtag on Twitter. Subreddits Below is a table of subreddits that you might want to check out! We enforce a standard of common decency and civility here.

Ferdowsi is of Persian descent, and many Persians and Persian-Americans have tweeted about him, saying how proud they are that he represents their community, providing a positive image of Iranian-Americans.

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People enjoy being able to see someone like them doing great things like landing a robot on another planet using a crane and rockets. One is that he is a "hot nerd". Media-based memes rarely last for long: We do not allow blog hosting of images "blogspam"but links to albums on image hosting websites are okay.

Participating in the Nasa Mohawk Guy meme can communicate many things: URL shorteners are prohibited. I celebrate nonconformity; I am a member of the Persian community; I encourage the expression of individuality in the workplace; I feel that science is important and cool.

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Bobak Ferdowsi

When it comes to the most popular memes, that underlying meaning often differs across a variety of audiences. There are certainly ways to stack the deck: Spoiler code Please mark spoilers like this: Ultimately, memes spread because on some level, they resonate with their audience: Posting gratuitous materials may result in an immediate and permanent ban.

What made 'Nasa Mohawk Guy' such a successful meme?

If you come across any rule violations please report the submission or message the mods and one of us will remove it! However, the reason why people are talking about Ferdowsi — and the reason why people participate in memes in general — is because they allow people to comment, directly or indirectly, on their culture and their personal values.

Submissions must link directly to a specific image file or to an image hosting website with minimal ads. Please be respectful to others. By remixing existing images or creating new ones, Nasa Mohawk Guy provides an alternative medium for discussing societal issues, such as the importance of scientific research in American culture, or that an attractive scientist has gotten more media hype than the mission he was working on.

Second, there has been a large response from the Persian community. URLs in image or album descriptions are prohibited. No porn or gore. A license plate is not PI.

Ferdowsi, also known as "Nasa Mohawk Guy"became an internet sensation after his unusual hairdo caught the eye of those watching the Mars Curiosity landing on Nasa TV.

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Overall, an attractive, Mohawked Nasa scientist is a fun thing to talk about. In looking at the top memes of the past several years, there are few discernible patterns that can be pulled out: Artistic nudity is allowed. There is no magic formula when it comes to creating memes or making "viral" content.

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Mohawks are the surprise winner of the Mars Curiosity landing

Reddit Policy Stalking, harassment, witch hunting, or doxxing will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. While his meteoric rise to fame may not be as remarkable as the Mars landing itself, it prompts the question: This morning, he has almost 40,Activity lead Bobak Ferdowsi, who cuts his hair differently for each mission, works inside the Spaceflight Operations Facility for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover at Jet Propulsion.

Ferdowsi: I am so excited about what we do and the science that we do and about NASA and JPL. I think it's the coolest, the stuff that we do. I think mostly it's about the fact that people somehow can realize, "If a guy who looks like that can work at NASA, then I can too." That's awesome. F orty-eight hours ago, Bobak Ferdowsi had fewer than Twitter followers.

This morning, he has almost 40, Ferdowsi, also known as "Nasa Mohawk Guy", became an internet sensation after his unusual hairdo caught the eye of those watching the Mars Curiosity landing on Nasa TV. The wearer, it turns out, was mission Activity Lead Bobak Ferdowsi, manning the controls in NASA's self-imposed sea of powder-blue polos.

Ferdowsi gets a new hairdo for each new mission-- and this. With his shaved stars dyed yellow, red-tinged mohawk and ear-to-ear grin, it didn't take long for Nasa engineer Bobak Ferdowsi to become an Internet sensation when he was pictured celebrating the Mars Curiosity landing.

Flight director, Bobak "Mohawk Guy" Ferdowsi, has tribute to the rover's "footprint" as it spells out JPL in Morse code.

Bobak ferdowsi a man successful in the nasa business
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