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The main character, Luke, exemplifies the hope and faith that people need in their lives. Luke never gave up hope of getting out of the prison. You can order a custom essay on Cool Hand Luke Cool hand luke symbolism essays For Luke, death represents ultimate freedom.

He received the Silver Star, Bronze Star and a couple of Purple Hearts and that indicates that he is brave and probably humanitarian, because the Silver Star is usually given in recognition of a life-saving deed of valor.

That night, he tells the bosses he has got his mind right, and he will do whatever they say from then on. The police track Luke down yet again, after his third escape, while he is seeking advice in a deserted church.

That he was never promoted, or else promoted and consequently demoted, the story does not elaborate on the details indicates that his superiors, those who had the authority to promote him, did not react well to his achievements. After eating the eggs and being left on the table, he is sprawled out on the table like Jesus.

Just like Jesus when he was worshipped all of those years, then when he is forced to carry his cross then is put on the cross, no one tries to help him at all, instead they cry and are saddened that their hero let them down. He also never takes his problems too seriously, which is another characteristic that people need in their lives.

He is sentenced to two years in a road prison, in a chain gang. Luke never gives up hope of finding God. The allegory to the story being that we should not trust false prophets or gods or idolize people or anything but God. Think you saw a religious metaphor or symbol in the film and want to know if there are more?

Cool Hand Luke Essay

After the first time, Luke is captured and brought back to the prison, and made to wear another set of chains. Not too long after that, Luke escapes from the chain gang by stealing one of the government trucks and driving away. The word is from a parking meter and sets the tone for the entire movie.

When the photo of him with the women is being put back together, it is ripped in the shape of a cross. Luke looks out the window and realizes that there is no way he could escape from all the policemen that are surrounding the building.

See all of them in a list below with explanations.

Themes and Topics in Cool Hand Luke

At the end with the zoom out of the inmates working on the road, the four rodes join at each other in the shape of a cross. He prays and asks for some sign of a God even though things are looking very bleek for him.

His punishment did not fit the crime, and today, such an act would probably result in time spent in community service rather than a hard labor prison gang.

Luke has to dig his own whole and is thrown inside as if it is his grave, like Jesus had to carry his own cross. This indicates that he had authority problems while there. Luke is a decorated veteran, yet left the military service just as he went in, as a Private.

He yells to the skies to give him some sign of a God.In the prison film Cool Hand Luke, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, there are many examples of theological symbolism and religious themes.

Most of the symbolism alludes to Jesus Christ, which is often utilized in film to add depth to the protagonist in the story. Such Christ figure symbolism can. Theological Symbolism in "Cool Hand Luke" Essay Words 6 Pages In the prison film Cool Hand Luke, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, there are many examples of.

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Cool Hand Luke demonstrates symbolism of Jesus Christ with three distinct examples including the eggs incident, the downfall of Jesus, and Jesus's relationship with others.

In the movie, Luke is challenged and tested by his prison mates.3/5(1).

Cool hand luke symbolism essays
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