Essay on the invention of the car

The roads surfaced with gravel or sand which had served for the traffic of the horse-drawn vehicles, were soon find to be entirely inadequate for motor transport. The major automobile production in the mid-century was in the United States. As petrol cars became more dependable the advantage of not having to wait until steam was generated gave them clear superiority over the steamers, and the self-starter took away the principal advantage from electric propulsion.

So, when it rained, they became quagmires. Getting stuck in mud midway through trip, hitting a rut and breaking an axle or sliding into a ditch were all-too-common occurrences for early motorists. Most car companies followed the Olds company by using mass production.

Essay: History of the Automobile

Roper, but the most sucessful were the Stanley twins, Francis E. It is hard to exaggerate the influence of the motor car on the industrialized countries. The creation of the first auto assembly line was caused by a fire that destroyed the Olds Motor Works in Detroit. Noise also made a city living more difficult.

The face of our cities as well has undergone major surgery since the advent of automobile. At this period it is not unusual for individuals to move hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles from their birthplace.

This new mobility has been a major factor in the changing of the family structure. Five years later European continent became crowded with cars, and on the British roads it increased to one vehicle per 6 inhabitants.

In England, they were allowed to travel on roads at fourteen miles an hour. In the United States, the automobile came within reach of the average wage earner earlier in the century.


After careful examination of the Sears Roebuck factory, he began mass production of his model T car. During World War 2 production of cars for civilians almost halted because the factories were being used for military supplies. They were the leading producers of cars at that time.

These steam carriages annoyed people very much by being noisy, dirty, and by frightening horses. That explains the disparity in the number of cars in use between United States and Europe. The consequence was that, inthere were already over a million automobiles on the United States roads as opposed toin Great Britain, 90, in France, and a mere 70, in Germany Zeldin With so many inventions came in this period, there are few of them that have influenced and changed world more than automobile.

Even with these vicissitudes, the automobile has overcome these hardships to become one of the most required inventions ever assembled. Fumes from the exhaust of thousand of vehicles became a menace to health.

At first private citizens, who lived along the main roads offered tourist accommodation in their spare rooms. Congestion of the roads and of city streets grew worse with each passing year. Retail petrol-supply points were needed along the roads.

It became, at the same time, a symbol of prestige and status and the basis of a major industry. Through traffic was separated from local by special through motorways. These fast throughways permitted extremely rapid automobile travel from city to city. Parking became a huge problem. The outcome of his goal: In the beginning the fuel resources were located in the few places such as: Since most available jobs were around industrial and manufacturing centers at the turn of the century, most people were living densely packed lives in the cities.

Car ownership early in the century was limited to the rich and privileged.Invention of the Automobile Essay - Invention of the Automobile In the beginning, man’s only form of transportation was his own feet.

Later, to comfort his journey on foot, was the invention of footwear. The Invention of the Automobile Essay Words 6 Pages Since the development of the steam engine people had been interested in creating self-powered vehicles, this manifested during the industrial revolution as the train.

Essay: History of the Car. petrol driven internal-combustion motor car had established itself as the dominant mechanical road vehicle and started its expansion with great rapidity (Ware ). Inthe French newspaper La Petit Journal introduced a new invention to the wider public by organizing a trial run of motor cars from Paris to.

The Invention Of The Car Changed The World. CarTravis Tyre 15 March Denise Spivey AMH When Transportation Changed the World The invention of the automobile is an evolution of ideas and actions, This brief essay will discuss the impact of 3 inventions from 3 different eras in history.

Free Essay: The Invention of The Automobile The first automobile was invented in Europe, however the automobile industry had an enormous favorable impact on.

Essay: History of the Automobile. Many people mocked the car, and you used to hear the phrase “Get a horse” a lot back when cars were first mass produced.

Even with these vicissitudes, the automobile has overcome these hardships to become one of the most required inventions ever assembled.

Essay on the invention of the car
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