Library assignments

Here are a few examples that can be adapted to most subjects. They can contrast the treatment in the primary sources with the treatment in secondary sources including their textbook. News conferences offer good opportunities to add depth to research and Library assignments might work particularly well with advanced students.

Students are asked to select a topic, do some research to find information about that topic, document cite the information on the topic, construct a research question, and describe their learning process, while reflecting on the research process at each step.

Alternatively, you could do a similar assignment where the students start with an article from a popular source—a newspaper, popular magazine, newscast, or a blog—that reports on the results of a scientific study of some sort.

You may use one type type of material only once, i. The students would then need to track down the actual published research study, and evaluate whether the popular source reported the results and implications of the Library assignments accurately.

Library Assignments

Best proposal could be submitted for funding of summer research. The librarians will also have your assignment in mind when selecting new materials. This includes textbooks, sample tests, readings, and private copies. Contrast journal articles or editorials from recent publications reflecting conservative and liberal tendencies.

To develop the ability to evaluate sources, students prepare a written criticism of the literature on a particular issue by finding book reviews, by searching citiation indexes to see who is quoting the context of the scholarship in a particular field.

Avoid giving a large class the same topic. Samples of library research assignments Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: Ask a librarian if you need assistance. The library is happy to schedule an orientation session tailored to your class needs.

Develops awareness of the process of scholarship and communication in a research topic or field. Wikipedia has robust guidelines, suggestions, and steps in the planning process, as well as links to ongoing school and university assignments, here: Search for information in specialized subject encyclopedias, reference sources, books and articles to determine how your topic has changed over this time period.

In this case, however, rather than being given the anthology, they are asked to compile it themselves.

Library Assignment

Note down your search terms, keywords used; techniques and methods used to find information; sources consulted and reasons why; successes and failures of your process.

The criteria for comparing sources should include checking for: However, they will be only be able to start a new assignment one hour after smashing. Work through the research component of the assignment ahead of time to make sure there is a reasonable amount of information available on the topic.

If you want to give your students practice in the kind of research they will need, librarians can help put that together. Develops the ability to make deliberate choices of databases and search tools for locating specific information.

Students research the person, time-period, culture, etc. Pick a topic and research it in literature from the 60s and 70s. This is the reverse of the two assignments above. What are the leading companies in that area? What is the outlook for this occupation? These rewards include a Tome of Wisdom which can be opened for further points towards rank advancement, if the hunter does not already have too many in their inventory.

Information literacy competency standards for higher education.Assignment Library UIUC.

Tips for a good library assignment

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment © Lumina Foundation This website is maintained by the National Institute for. Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: Prepare an annotated bibliography about your chosen topic.

Samples of library research assignments

Find a specified number of sources. e.g. five sources (books, scholarly articles, and/or Websites.) Write brief evaluative. Guidelines for Successful Library Assignments.

Librarians are available to work with you to design assignments that effectively use library resources and. Try to avoid assignments that: Require all students to research the same topic, especially if it is a narrow topic that the library has a limit number of items.

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Assign the same article to all students; unless you put the item on Reserves. Library Assignments were first started and completed on 9 Augustthe same day that the Crystal Library was released.

From 9 to 22 Augustthe Zurreal Research envelope was not available, and instead gave the following message. All WRD & HON students should c omplete the following assignments before attending the library instruction session. Assignments should be .

Library assignments
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