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We have a few of varying lengths and Mathesis pour ducati. You can sometimes make a bike idle better by winding the Mathesis pour ducati bleeds 9, 10 in and richening the idle mixture if it was too lean to start with, even though the idle is low.

Turn the bars fully left and right while doing this just in case the cables move when doing that. As you can see, Kit 2, with the big pipe, is supposed to make power all the way through to 10, RPM. October 24, If you adjusted the throttle linkage rod 6set it back to its approximate original position.

For those bikes with the fast idle lever set the fast idle as desired by tightening the fast idle adjustment lever screw As a side note, my many emails and phone conversations with Doug Lofgren over the past few years have changed the way I look at and interpret torque curves, as Doug takes a rather simple, overall look at things and comes up with some pretty cool ideas accordingly.

This last peak is consistent with all the other Strada cammed engines I have torque curves for. Personal preference pretty much. How to set up 2V throttle For some reason, probably a perceived "more midrange" thing, Ducati have fitted the S4 with a 40mm exhaust.

Once again, the benefit of experience. You should need the fast idle on if fitted to get the engine to idle. Or, have a custom system made.

Anyway, the table below shows the comparative gearing of the S4, ST4 and It adds or subtracts a given pulse width from the map fuel number across the whole map, therefore having a much greater percentage effect at small pulse widths.

I do have a little insight to effects of this, however, based on recent playing with my which up till now I thought was quite irrelevant. The red curve is with the 45mm ST4 headers and some Staintune mufflers.

Next set the idle speed using the air bleeds 9, 10 as required. Dialing the cams on the S4 I imagine would pick up both the bottom in particular and top ends of the curve, improving what is already there.

So i was wonderng how much that mathesis tester costs. You could also get some made up by a local hydraulics supplier. Set the manifold vacuum balance synchronisation via the balance adjustment nut 11 or throttle linkage rod 6 nuts using mercury sticks, etc at various RPM.

The mid point, where the trimmer slot points directly at the eprom socket, is nominally zero. Whether or not a larger system will need much more fuel anyway remains to be seen, and it may be within a reasonable range for the Mathesis Ducati diagnostic tool to handle.

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As with a mixture screw, clockwise is lean, anti clockwise is rich. Ducati Mathesis or DDS, The final issue with S4 performance I am going to deal with is the usual Ducati standard over-gearing.

You now have 2 turns in either direction for adjustment. There is no way to get around it. This adjusts the idle mixture, working the same as the electronic idle trimmers in the 1. Alternatively, you can remove the lid of the ECU the top as it is fitted Mathesis pour ducati the bike, mounting tabs to the bottom and using a multimeter set the trimmer by its output voltage.

The idle trimmer on them is the screw in a hole next to the large wiring loom connector often covered by a plastic cap. Just make sure the fast idle adjustment lever hidden inside the throttle cable wheel 4 has some clearance and therefore no effect at closed throttle. For example, if the bike is too lean and idles low, winding out the air bleeds 9, 10 to try to raise the idle speed will only lean it out more, so the idle will most likely not increase.

Once removed you can see the eprom directly under the access hole. It all depends how much you want to spend really, and how much you need the extra power at the top end.

I prefer to have a fair bit of clearance here so that full fast idle gives no more than 3, RPM, but some people like to just move the lever a little and get the fast idle acting. Then turn back 2 turns counter clockwise and this is the central position.

Read times DucHead. However, I like the idea that the throttle linkage rod 6 is loaded by the vertical throttle butterfly all the time.

What exactly do you need to work on your Duc?Jan 18,  · One end of the mathesis tester connects to the ducati computer, and the other end plugs into a windows laptop. it provides extremely detailed graphs of air fuel ratios, and a buncha other variables.

I was thinking of getting the arrows full system for the S4r and i have to get a new programmable computer for it as well. Café Janae is a health and wellness company that focuses on therapeutic nutrition and stress management as primary interventions for preventing and reversing chronic disease.

The wrench at the local shop told me that there's an inexpensive alternative to the Ducati mathesis. The company was logic, or mototech or something.

Diagram of OEM MATHESIS TESTER. Contains 47 parts priced between $ and $1, Fits Ducati. Mar 14,  · I was wondering if there is anyone on here who is familiar with Ducati's mathesis diagnostic tester?

I know it will diagnose faults in your bike's. Find best value and selection for your NEW Ducati Diagnostic Mathesis Tester Fuel Injection search on eBay. World's leading marketplace.

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