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I was filled with newly gained knowledge and inspired by her loving and caring nature towards her students! This helps the students get acquainted with similarities when it comes to sorting and fitting pieces of a puzzle together.

At times I pitied them, but I fought it out of my system for I knew that I should learn to accept these children for who they were.

Landri has using Picture Exchange Communication PEC for a couple of years now, but her teachers said that there has not been much progress with her for the time being. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The time spent in school is also shorter as compared to a regular school to give way to the attention span of these special children.

The sing along occurs every day, and helps the students get used to working in Special education class observation essay group as well as using their voices to sing. The only picture that she correctly answers all the time was that of a Koosh ball. I also worked on counting with the student.

More essays like this: The classroom is arranged with a variety of stations. The students were very quiet and did not respond back to me when I talked to them. The students started to get a bit tired of sitting there, so they moved onto their work stations. Being in her classroom helped me to learn a bit more about patience and how far it will take you with your students.

The ages range from 4 — 5.

I was attached to him more than the others for he was a very sweet boy. I chose to observe in an autistic classroom because it is something I had never experienced before until now. The last of the three students in the room was Joseph.

As I look back at the four hours I spent in the classroom, I felt that the knowledge that I could impart to these children were vital in their lives. Some become very good with other, while others exhibit talents that are beyond our control.

Landri on the other hand, loves to hold the pen in her hand while she stands on the chair. Regardless of his disability, Joseph is very smart. I also believe that the little things that we teach these children in their lives are enough to inspire us in helping others more.

There are five boys and one girl in the classroom. McCotter goes to each student and sings to them and tickles them. Calm music played in the background, while some students worked independently and others worked with a paraprofessional or Mrs.

Landri was uncomfortable carrying her books, making me carry them at one point.

Landri was seven years old, and was autistic. I taught two autistic boys how to swim, and I was also a volunteer for the Special Olympics. The students seem to enjoy the attention they received.Every class I observed this semester was dissimilar from each other.

Some class’s harbored students who comprehended the material better, were ethnically diverse, special education, motivated and lazy students.

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Special Education Observation Essay Sample. I had the pleasure of visiting Mrs. McCotter’s Autistic classroom. I arrived at PM on Tuesday, November 27th. Inclusive Schooling Observation The students spend part of their day in the special education classroom and part of their day in the regular education classes.

They attend the same regular education class on a daily basis and are in the class a minimum of two hours per day. In addition to working. Special Education students is the creation of a Global Studies class which goes at a slower pace than the general Global Studies class.

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Observation Assignment #1 Observe the Students in the Class/5(1).

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Special education class observation essay
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