Speech and debate chapter 5 notes

These purges appear in allegorized form in the next chapters of Animal Farm. These statements placate the animals, though they still question the expulsion of Snowball. They dashed straight for Snowball.

When Snowball has finally completed his plans, all assemble for a great meeting to decide whether to undertake the windmill project. Snowball gives a passionate speech, to which Napoleon responds with a pathetically unaffecting and brief retort.

Mollie disappears, and the pigeons report seeing her standing outside a pub, sporting one Speech and debate chapter 5 notes the ribbons that she always coveted. But with the "bitterly hard weather" that arrives that winter, so do "bitterly hard" debates increase between Snowball and Napoleon.

Squealer explains that Snowball was a traitor and a criminal. At the debate on the windmill, Snowball argues that after it is built, the animals will only need to work three days a week, while Napoleon argues that "if they wasted time on the windmill they would all starve to death.

Squealer explains that their leader never really opposed the proposal; he simply used his apparent opposition as a maneuver to oust the wicked Snowball. Communist leaders considered such programs absolutely essential for their new nation, citing their need to upgrade an infrastructure neglected by the tsars and keep up with the relatively advanced and increasingly hostile West.

Violence, not oratory, is how Napoleon settles disagreements. As suggested by the plot of Animal Farm, Stalin initially balked at the idea of a national emphasis on modern technology, only to embrace such plans wholeheartedly once he had secured his position as dictator.

Afterward, many of the animals feel confused and disturbed. Russia devoted a great deal of brain- and manpower to putting these programs in place. Snowball speaks further, inspiring the animals with his descriptions of the wonders of electricity. Snowball and Napoleon continue their fervent debates, the greatest of which occurs over the building of a windmill on a knoll.

The fact that she is bribed away from Animal Farm with sugar and ribbons — two items that Snowball condemned as unnecessary for liberty in Chapter 2 — shows her desire for luxury without making the necessary sacrifices to obtain it. Napoleon then announces that all debates will stop and institutes a number of other new rules for the farm.

Eventually she disappears, lured away by a fat, red-faced man who stroked her coat and fed her sugar; now she pulls his carriage. The two also disagree on whether they should as Napoleon thinks amass an armory of guns or as Snowball thinks send out more pigeons to neighboring farms to spread news of the rebellion.

Snowball proves a better speaker and debater, but Napoleon can better canvass for support in between meetings. The windmill itself is a symbol of technological progress. But building the windmill would entail much hard work and difficulty, and Napoleon contends that the animals should attend to their current needs rather than plan for a distant future.

These tactics, he claims, served to advance the collective best interest. The pigs increase their influence on the farm, deciding all questions of policy and then offering their decisions to the animals, who must ratify them by a majority vote. The novel eventually suggests that Mollie did, in fact, make a wise decision in leaving Animal Farm, although to be fair she did not do so because of any political or moral motives.

Earlier, they were "supervisors," but now they decide "all questions of farm policy. On the Sunday that the plan for the windmill is to be put to a vote, Napoleon calls out nine ferocious dogs, who chase Snowball off the farm.06 EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING: Engaging with urrent Events NATIONAL SPEECH DEBATE ASSOCIATION Or is it to persuade them to take a particular stance on the issues surrounding the topic?

Fundamentals of Speech Communications Department: Section | Fall | Roomselect, organize, and deliver a public speech.

Animal Farm

You will develop standards of excellence in public speaking by analyzing and controlling the speech situation and you will also develop critical thinking and writing skills. Chapter Notes: Chapter 1. The National Speech & Debate Association is the world’s largest honor society devoted to speech and debate activities, and bestows numerous awards and recognition to students, coaches, and schools.

We also host the largest academic competition in the world, the National Speech & Debate Tournament. Debate/Speech Flashcards. 1ac glenbrooks - 23 cards; 2 girls - 49 cards; 6,7,8 - 22 cards; Chapter 5 Vocab - 20 cards; Chapter 9,10,19 - 25 cards; chapters speech - 20 cards; Argumentation and Debate - 69 cards; Informative Speech - 5 cards; Inter personal comm - 27 cards; Inter personal comm -.

A summary of Chapter V in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Animal Farm and what it means.

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Snowball gives a passionate speech, to which Napoleon responds with a pathetically unaffecting and brief.

Start studying Argument & Debate Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Notes taken during a debate to keep track of statements made by both sides. Rebuttal- speech that contradicts earlier statements.

Speech and debate chapter 5 notes
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